Blissful Rabbit Year with Auntie Anne’s at a greater height

Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni at Sky Avenue Outlet! Just like the song, Chinese New Year has always been a bright, joyful, and eventful festive season, where streets are bustling with the sound of firecrackers and lion dances with loud drummings happening all around. Apart from the town filled with red colors and bright lanterns, auspicious greetings are hung from door to door, people wishing one another words of blessings. This year, the Chinese New Year came relatively early for us. Hence, Auntie Anne’s decided to expand our outlet into Sky Avenue to celebrate the new cycle of the Chinese Zodiac - the year of the Rabbit. Symbolizes the year of longevity, peace, and prosperity in reaching a greater height. Every year, Auntie Anne’s never forgets to celebrate this auspicious festive season and continue bringing blissful memories to our beloved customers and loyal fans.

Remaining our tradition, we continue to bring back the packaging designed adapted with the character 福 (/fú/) creatively combined in the shape of its pretzel with traditional Chinese elements such as calligraphy and red calligraphy paper. Just like the packaging and character, Auntie Anne’s wants all to continue receiving wishes of warmth and blissfulness this Chinese New Year as you enjoy our warm and soft pretzels. Since Chinese New Year is about reunions, togetherness and ‘Ong Ong’ wishes. We urge all to bring home these warm and soft pretzels to be shared with your loved ones this season. Let's enjoy the #warmmoment and have a blissful year of Rabbit.

For fans who are at SkyAvenue, we hope to see you and wish you to reach a greater height in health, prosperity, and happiness!