The Hype of Camoflage Festival

Last month, we launched the Camouflage Festival. Experimenting and bringing in new combinations of flavours has created five new flavours which to our surprise was a huge love for our fellow fans. If you want to know further in depth about the festival, keep reading on!

If you haven’t tried out any of the flavours yet you can check out the previous article to learn more. Here, we summarize the flavours for you so that you could make a quick decision on which flavours to get!

Savoury and Crunch Lovers can try:

  • AMGC - Made up of almond, green tea, and chocolate mint, the almond gives some nice crunch texture as you enjoy this sweet pretzel.
  • SSSG - Consists of sesame seeds, sour cream and onion, and garlic. The sesame seeds provide some bites to the pretzel along with its savoury flavours, and fits even as a meal.

For the Sweet Tooths:

  • CSCG - Made up of cinnamon sugar, chocolate mint, and green tea. The combinations are a good balance of each other, not too sweet and have some hint of green tea fragrance.

Fit for Savoury, Salty Lovers:

  • PMSG - A combination of parmesan cheese, sour cream and onion in one pretzel, giving it a slightly salty and tangy sour cream flavour.

A Touch of Fragrance:

  • SWSG - Made up of seaweed, sour cream and onion, and garlic flavour. The seaweed brings in a nice touch of fragrance to the pretzels.

Apart from the flavours, an enticing part of this campaign would be its cool packaging. The packaging with its camouflage background similar to the military armed colours has sparked tons of interest among Auntie Anne’s fans. This is highly likely due to the fact that it is rare to incorporate food in combination with camouflage pattern. Plus, it looks cool! All in all, ever since the launch of Camouflage Festival, we have been seeing lines, queing up to try the new combination flavours of pretzels. The sales at most of our stores are also selling fast!

At Auntie Anne’s we are truly thankful for all your support and the warm welcome of these flavours! In addition, we would also like to take this opportunity to specially thank and Weird Kaya for covering the Camouflage Festival. has specially shown the making process and all flavours of Camouflage pretzels. Meanwhile, Weird Kaya took an approach to try all flavours and rank the Camouflage pretzels. Check out more informations below:

According to Weirdkaya’s team, “It was love at first sight when they met SWSG”. If you would like to read the full review: Click here
Also, thank you Ezlokalfood team for shouting out this campaign too! We especially love how you enjoy our pretzels~ Watch their tiktok here

An update for our fellow fans, we have also recently launched our Youtube channel! Do check it out at the link below! Enjoy the warm moment? Follow us for more!