Good 'O' Days

Auntie Anne’s, Malaysia: In 1996, the pioneer of the international pretzels brand - Auntie Anne’s originated in the US in 1988, opened its doors in Malaysia. That year, Auntie Anne’s started serving their first warm pretzels to Malaysians and gained a fan base of loyal customers. This year, to celebrate National Pretzel Month, Auntie Anne’s is collaborating with Majoriti, a digital news platform, by bringing the fans through the nostalgia of the good old times with its Good ‘O’ Days campaign. The Good ‘O’ Days campaign aims to celebrate the simplicity of warm good old memories with their customers and loyal fans where they hope all could enjoy the warm moments in life with Auntie Anne’s. As the years have passed, starting with the good, classic, and warm Original Pretzel, Auntie Anne’s pretzel flavors have branched to many other flavors. It is undeniable that the simplicity of Auntie Anne’s Original pretzel was the pioneer of the perfect moment for many pretzel fans. Hence, also a reason to celebrate the pretzel month with Good ‘O’ Days to remind all that of simplicity in life and where Auntie Anne’s all started.

Fun fact, National Pretzel Month is celebrated every October. Pretzels have come a long way since they were first created in 610 A D by an Italian monk who twisted leftover dough to resemble his students, who folded their arms across their chests when praying. The finished product, called pretiolas or "little rewards" in Latin, spread throughout Europe and was considered a symbol of good luck, long life, and prosperity. Pretzels have then marked changes to human history when in 1510, monks baking pretzels under the monastery overheard invading Ottoman Turks building tunnels under city walls. This helped the monks to alert the rest of the city and defended themselves from the attack. From then on, pretzels were then brought into America by the Germans, and the birth of the first commercial pretzels bakery in Pennsylvania. In the 1935s pretzels were mass-produced by automated pretzel makers. As a tribute to the growing love of pretzels, a museum was even dedicated to pretzels. Over the years, whether from the monks to present machinery help, the classic taste of pretzels is still the same, and memories of it remain warm in our hearts.

All in all, to honor how far pretzels have come from, Auntie Anne’s felt there is a necessity to celebrate this exclusive festival with their customers and fans. A celebration is incomplete without any promotion. At Auntie Anne’s, they love giving back to the community as that’s what the founder believes in and all Malaysians love a good promotion. Specially for all, Auntie Anne’s has offered their warm, soft, and fluffy original pretzel with just an addition of RM2 when you make any food purchase during this promo period. O? If you’re one of their Stix lovers? Fret not, Auntie Anne’s has got you covered! With an additional RM3 only, you are entitled to a favorite warm, original stix, with any food purchase. On top of the promotions, Auntie Anne’s has decided to extend the celebration for TWO months, from 1st September 2022 to 31st October 2022! Specially for Majoriti’s subscribers, you may get free upsize on a beverage with any combo purchased. Find out more on Auntie Anne’s hardworking staff will be rolling more for you during these two months so you can enjoy your warm pretzels. Don’t miss out!